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Author Topic: PH test strips and high acid level  (Read 1492 times)


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PH test strips and high acid level
« on: June 03, 2014, 01:01:24 PM »

For three months been struggling with acid stomach, nausea and general unwellness because of that . Seemed that things subsided when started HRt a month ago but now for the last 5 days reappeared again. Found out today that you can actually buy PH level test strips and test you saliva acidity. It is simple and done either upon waiking or after 2 hrs after eating. My test showed 5.57 with normal being 6.5-7.5. Will continue testing 3 times daily prior to gastro appointment on Thursday.

Test strips are inexpensive and come in 80 or 100 packages at the local pharmacy. Health food stores should have them as well.

Hope this is helpful!

Ps - then read about all kinds of foods that maintain low acidity in stomach. Surprized to find out that unsweetened lemon juice is in fact a strong alcalizing agent.