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Title: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Lalb1 on July 20, 2020, 10:51:40 PM
Over the last 4 months of lockdown (shielding for me) I've had a few issues health wise so had taken the decision to cut certain foods out and try and eat better. Just before lockdown I'd joined a weigh in club at work and weighed in a heck of a lot heavier than I'd expected(I knew I'd piled it on cos clothes were tight or didn't fit) (head in the sand I reckon refusal to admit)
Anyway so then thru lockdown and cutting out certain food, drinking more water, less alcohol and starting to walk further again I've slowly and steadily lost 12lb.
Happy with that but still wanted another 12 ish LB off
So I had a bit of a rubbish week last week and my appetite came back with a vengeance. I put this down to the fact that I've also started taking my microgygnon back to back to suppress symptoms.
I ate more than I had been doing and had some alcohol.
Got up, got weighed as usual this morning.. to find I'd put on 5.2lb!!
Now the reason I'm on here.. I'm wondering if this is thru bloating from taking the pill back to back? Even allowing  for the alcohol in the mix I haven't ever put that amount on in 1 week 😢
Anyone else had any issues like this?
To try and grab something back today I've gone back to basics and along with having cut out carbs,bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets, cakes, biscuits, alcohol I've upped my walking miles each day. Alsondrinking green tea and water. Hoping someone can make sense with me?
Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: JessicaHeim98 on July 21, 2020, 02:21:48 PM
The more you focus on weight and weight gain, the worse you will feel, 100%
Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Penguin99 on July 25, 2020, 10:24:46 AM
Hi, I've been trying since new year, consultant made a remark >:( and that kicked my backside into gear! It was really good to start with but I don't seem to have lost hardly anything for the last 2 months, I've currently lost 26lb but like you, it gets to me when I cant seem to lose it, I've had weeks where I've put on a couple of pounds. It's very hard and sometimes I cant help having what I call "a little piggy day"  but it's not often . I used to drink a glass of wine or two 4 or 5 evenings a week but now just have that on saturday & Sunday. I weigh myself every saturday morning, 2lb lost today :hapij: Keep going girl, you can do it :) you have done really well, focus on the fact that you have lost and can lose it, you've done it before. my goal is to lose another 16lb :-\  crisps are my downfall :(
Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Kathleen on July 25, 2020, 10:41:46 AM
Hello ladies.

I also love crisps and I noticed years ago that if I eat a small packet every evening then 8 weeks later my hips and stomach are a lot bigger. I would then stop eating them and sure enough 8 weeks later I was back to normal. I did some research and it's not the potato that's the problem, it's the oil.

 I also experimented with taking lots and lots of fish oil capsules for their anti inflammatory omega three benefits. After a while I decided to switch to plant sources of omega three and stopped the fish oils. I then lost a stone in weight and I hadn't changed anything else, again I believe it was the oil that was the problem.

I think oil content is easily overlooked in our diets and it might be worth thinking about when trying to lose weight.

Hope this helps ladies.

Take care.

Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Sparrow on July 25, 2020, 11:28:50 AM
Hi Kathleen,

Be careful not to cut out too much fat and oils from your diet.  They are a necessary part of nutrition, especially for brain function.   

Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Penguin99 on July 25, 2020, 12:22:22 PM
I've moved over to the quavers/ pom bear/cheese puff type, less calorific. Sometimes I get fed up with it, then I'll see someone I've not seen for ages and they say "wow you've lost weight"gives a nice little boost :)
Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: Kathleen on July 25, 2020, 12:42:24 PM
Hello again ladies.

Shadyglade - thank you so much for your concern. I do use some oil in my cooking and I take an Omega  Three capsule that provides EPA and DHA from Algae.  It is recommended for vegans because it isn't a fish oil plus Algae happens to be where the fish get their Omega Three from  lol.

I take your point about fats being needed for brain function and I sometimes wonder if more fat in my diet would help my meno mood issues so I will keep it under review.

Thanks again and take care.

Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: jaycee on July 25, 2020, 09:22:21 PM
This time last year i was trying to put weight on, i have never been above 8.5 stone, but now weigh 9.6, no idea why,i haven't just put it on over lockdown, but probably another 1/2 a stone
I don't drink alcohol and i have eaten less sweet things, but still put weight on,
I couldn't go out for about 10 weeks ,because of my age so wasn't walking as usual,and lost my little dog last year so that stopped the walking then
I have had to buy more clothes,and even they are only just fitting
As i'm only 5ft tall it does show on me, so very depressing,i always said i wont let myself get fat, but it's the way i seem to be going
Not sure what i can do, i can only think it is lack of exercise,
Title: Re: Sudden weight gain
Post by: 7dwarfs on July 26, 2020, 07:00:12 PM
My weight can fluctuate by 6/7lbs in a week! Over the past few years I’ve tried cutting down, changing what I eat and when but tbh not much works. I’ve always been slim and at only 5”1 such fluctuations in weight make my clothes fit one week and not the next! I’m pretty fit, walk lots and have a physical job. The only difference in lifestyle atm is no gym but this has been happening wether I go or not :o. I can only think as my hormones are all over the place so is my weight- I always used to bloat pre period and am now peri ( approx.3/4 years with 12 months HRT under my belt. I’m trying not to worry about it and have started buying clothes a size bigger so I don’t feel so uncomfortable squeezed into my clothes. I’m trying to embrace the unpredictable me lol!