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Title: Menopause Friendly GP's in Maidstone/Ashford Area?
Post by: PeriPagan on June 24, 2020, 06:07:45 PM
Hi All,

Well I had a consult with Dr Marfleet recently about the return of my Peri symptoms and she increased my dose to 6 pumps Oestrogel (plus increased Utrogestan!).

But my question isn't about that. I'm wondering if anyone in the Maidstone/Ashford area of Kent can make any recommendations for HRT friendly/ (peri)menopause savvy GP's in the area?

I'm currently in the process of renting a lovely 18th Century Grade II listed cottage in a village called Lenham. My nearest practice is the Len Valley Medical Practice but I'm in no mood for any GP nonsense!

HRT is in short saving my life (Depression/Anxiety/OCD kills people!) and to have it taken from me will have devastating results. I don't need antidepressents (they didn't work on this, I'm already on them for gawds sake!) I need my HRT! 

So, anyone? I can keep contact with my meno consultant as she has email/telephone consultations, I just want someone who won't step on her toes and refuse to respect her and my decisions on my treatment!