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Title: Hypnic Headaches
Post by: elsie001 on June 06, 2020, 11:47:33 AM
I've been suffering with migraines (pretty much daily) for 2 months now.  GP put me on Sumatriptan, which worked to begin with, then changed me to Zolmatriptan which, again, worked at the beginning but I'm already having to take a 2nd tablet to get any relief.

I've also been waking at night with severe headaches, so severe I feel as though my heads going to explode! Referred to doctor Google, which I know I shouldn't....but....desperate times, desperate measures! 

I think these night-time headaches might be what's called Hypnic Headaches.  I certainly tick all the boxes - over 50, female, history of headaches, watery eyes that sting really badly. Remedy - caffeine at bedtime.

I'm 54 and don't know where I am in this meno journey as I've had mirena coils for the last 6 years.  I also take Elleste Solo 1mg.  Worst symptom for me was insomnia, so I cut out all caffeine. Even taking my own decaf tea bags when I go on holiday, so the thought of drinking a strong brew at bedtime filled me with anxiety, but it worked! Minor side effects were twitching feet in bed, which I presume was my body's response to caffeine & taking a while to nod off.

I have a telephone review appt with my GP on Monday so will discuss it with her.

Early days but for now, I'll stick with non-decaf tea.  More info here if anyone is interested -
Title: Re: Hypnic Headaches
Post by: CLKD on June 06, 2020, 11:51:03 AM
Sometimes when 1 stops caffeine products headaches begin.  Sometimes if people rely on pain relief, they can suffer bounce back headaches when they stop taking it.  Dehydration can cause headaches too.

Let us know how you get on?
Title: Re: Hypnic Headaches
Post by: Tc on June 18, 2020, 04:36:52 PM
Thank you.elsie very interesting. Glad it workd for you. X

Title: Re: Hypnic Headaches
Post by: elsie001 on June 19, 2020, 10:24:43 AM
Thanks Tc and CLKD.

Two weeks on from ditching decaf tea and I've not woken once from one of those awful headaches.  Hope I've not tempted fate by saying that! :)