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Title: Changing to Oestrogel and desogestrel
Post by: birdlady on July 17, 2018, 09:10:59 AM
Hi Ladies:
I've posted once before on here. I'm 47, early 48 and in peri. Since Early 2017 I've taken Elleste duet 1mg. It's stopped the hot sweats and insomnia but I'm so tired and grumpy on it.
After a lot of research I went to the GP last week and asked to switch to oestrogen gel and utrogestan. She didn't explain why but I came out with a prescription for destrogel which is the mini pill. She said it might help and a benefit would be no periods, plus if only have to pay for the gel as BCP free. I don't know whether to go back and further discuss why she didn't give me what I asked for or try the new regime. Anyone taken this combo and felt better? Things are stable with me if not great and I don't suddenly want a load of different side effects.

Thankyou for reading.
Title: Re: Changing to Oestrogel and desogestrel
Post by: Dotty on July 17, 2018, 10:21:30 AM
I don't think destrogel is licensed for hrt as it does not have enough progesterone. But I'm not a doctor . If ladies need contraception then I think they take the mini pill on top of hrt .
Title: Re: Changing to Oestrogel and desogestrel
Post by: Dancinggirl on July 17, 2018, 10:56:05 AM
birdlady - I haven't heard of this progesterone being given as part of HRT.  If it is strong enough to protect the uterus then go for it, but it isn't bio identical.  The problem is that Utrogestan isn't yet under HRT preparations in the GP drug book (as far as I know) - they have to find it under a different section and it is called ‘micronised progesterone'. This is why it is very important to go to the GP with the info from this site printed out.
Either give this progesterone a go or print out the info, write a letter alongside and hand this in to the GP so they can issue a new prescription. 
DG x
Title: Re: Changing to Oestrogel and desogestrel
Post by: Hurdity on July 18, 2018, 07:39:08 AM
Hi there birdlady - although it's not licensed for HRT I have just answered another thread about testosterone where the member is using this (desogestrel) as part of HRT and was prescribed two tablets  of desogestrel in order to give sufficient progestogen to protect the womb I expect - look at the thread in this section on testosterone by Jasmine3234.

Hurdity x