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Title: Hello I知 new my story so far
Post by: Aileenf on January 03, 2018, 10:02:26 PM
Hi all, I have been sitting on the sidelines for a little while, now feel that I知 bearing my soul, here goes:

Perimenapause from age 43 to 48
Periods stopped altogether aged 48
I have developed various conditions - border line diabetic, prolapse, not sleeping, bad flushes, feeling sad, manic, crazy, feeling ugly, and lately started to feel like there was no hope. 
My first doctor would not prescribe HRT due to my history of migraines, so I have tried every alternative medicine available, tried the anti depressants etc to curb the flushes etc
in June 2017 at the grand age of 51 I saw a different doctor at the same practice who said yes I could have HRT and referred me to this site.
I started Everol Conti patches in Oct/Nov (it took me that long to decide and research) I was on them for 8 weeks and what a difference they had made, I started a breakthrough trace bleed (nothing major) but after 3 and a half years with no period not what I wanted, this went on for approx 2 and a half weeks, I phoned the doctor and she moved me onto FemSeven and I  immediately started heavy bleeding heavily.

On Friday after one week on FemSeven, I have moved back onto the everol conti, I have immediately stopped bleeding so not sure if I moved off them too quick, any advise would be great fully received.
Title: Re: Hello I知 new my story so far
Post by: Taz2 on January 03, 2018, 11:02:06 PM
Hi Aileenf - breakthrough bleeding is common for the first six months on any conti HRT so i'm not sure why your doctor decided to change it so quickly but other members have had the same experience of conti HRT being stopped even though the bleeding is a known side effect. If you are feeling ok on Evorel then I personally would stay with it but you may wish to discuss it with your doctor. Was it FemSeven conti you were given?

Taz x  :welcomemm:
Title: Re: Hello I知 new my story so far
Post by: Aileenf on January 04, 2018, 07:43:07 AM
Hi Taz

yes it was femseven Conti, I phoned the doctor yesterday and explained what happened, and asked for a new prescription for Everol conti.
Title: Re: Hello I知 new my story so far
Post by: CLKD on January 04, 2018, 01:23:49 PM
Title: Re: Hello I知 new my story so far
Post by: Hurdity on January 05, 2018, 10:22:40 AM
Hi Aileenf


The fact that you were bleeding means that there is womb lining to shed - which often happens when women start HRT some time after menopause - the lining has built up a little following the last period and then once you introduce progestogen it then enables it to shed. A higher enough dose will prevent it happening altogether but in continuous combined HRT the oestrogen and progestogen doses are fixed so you just have to wait until it stops happening (which hopefully it will). As Taz says it is completely normal but interesting that one of the combi patches caused more bleeding than the other! Hopefully it will settle soon. :). If not you may find that the sequential version is prefereable - which gives a predictable monthly withdrawal bleed. Sme of us remian on a cycle even into our 60's (moi!).

Hurdity x