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How Menopause Matters changed my life
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Hi Doctor Currie, Thank you for this site. It's been a great support to me already and I have only recently joined.

I am so impressed with the magazine I have since taken out a subscription and needless to say it does the rounds. I have found many of the articles very beneficial and it is a comfort to know I am not alone.
thank you again.

I discovered the forum yesterday and it looks like the answer to my prayers

I don't know how I would have coped had I not found this forum one night.

Just reading through some of your posts made me feel better... knowing that there's others out there that feel the same way (although you don't wish it on anyone else) it's just so comforting knowing that you're not alone with it.

I got comfort on here knowing I was not the only one having the mental side of the menopause

I agree …… if not for all you lovely ladies on here think I would have gone insane

Just googled menopause and this site came up... thank you God

I think doctors’ surgeries should have details of this website and give it out to meno patients.  I found it by search engine and recommend it to everyone I know who is menopausal. 

What an amazing website this is.

I got your mags and cards today, what a fantastic magazine

You can read about this subject in more detail from a wonderful website called menopause matters

This forum is a real find, and I'm planning to come here often over the next few years!!

I am sure there must be many colleagues who equally find balancing careers with the menopause a real challenge.............I cannot thank you enough for putting me back in the drivers seat.

I just wanted to say WOW! Wonderful, what a great website. I don't feel alone anymore.

Thanks so much for the website - this has been the most difficult time of my life and it has helped me so much.

I have just picked up a copy of 'Menopause Matters' at the GP surgery and I found it really refreshing and confidence boosting - the fact that somebody out there believes that we 55+ women are not on the sexual decline was heartening and in particular, that vaginal atrophy is treatable. I want to thank you sincerely for producing this magazine which offers such a ray of light in the apparent gloaming. You have given me such great hope.

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